20180831_121637 (Junkshop, unloved)


Adult entertainment

20180731_092936 Adult entertainment

Games, Tuho we must

20180728_162215 Games, Tuho we must


Chance, comes in many forms

The act of throwing Yut into the air is not unlike a craps game played with dice.

Happiness and ducks

The ducks are made of wood and symbolise unity and peace in wedlock.

Center stage

IMG_20180729_195633 (Center stage)

An assortment of Korean drums, but, center stage is what’s called the “Jang Gu” (장구). This is what I think of when Korean music is mentioned. Oh, and what they pass for cymbals, or a Kkwaenggwari. What looks like a steep-sided soup bowl entirely made of brass. Well played it’s good. When it’s not, descent can be heard for miles around. But, back to the Korean drum band, they were entertaining.

A memorial, a silent witness

20180719_132122 (A memorial, a silent witness)