Hong Kong egg snack, first bite at a time

It’s hard to know why it’s taken me such a long time to sample the Hong Kong snack. Essentially it’s an egg based cake mix that’s cooked on a waffle type griddle. Best eaten pipping hot, the snacks have cake like qualities to them, while the edges have a more crunchy texture to them. I’ve sampled both chocolate and plain flavours, the plain variety being my favourite so far.

Uncle Jim’s HK Egg waffle

As far as food landscape goes, this compares to other street food found in other Eastern countries such as Korea. Where Fish bread, or 봉어빵 in Korean, also follows the recipe of eggs, flour, sugar and cast-iron baking to produce a product that has cake-like qualities but with a local twist. The Hong Kong snacks reign supreme in my opinion. There is more to eat of it afterall.

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