Well dressed, standin’ tall

Well dressed, standin' tall IMG_9207CROP_zpsnggqpzkn.jpg


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  1. Guangzhou Mall designer paid a visit to Korea, perhaps? 🙂

    You remember the Seoul Grand Terminus, with the buses, the subway stations, and even the intercity trains. The department stores/bookstores, I once took a walk outside and saw…

    Most similar figurines! Only, would you believe it, in the form, of British Guardsmen on sentry duty (redcoats/bear hats). Same 10 foot high placements near the mall, though.

    • Actually, the photo was taken in the ‘business’ district in Chengdu. Home of the pandas (and oil refineries). I have to admit that I didn’t know Seoul bus terminal all that well, despite having been through there more than once. Colourful as they are, I think the designers have come to the same designs, though in different countries. Sort of like the evolutionary convergence in nature of the dolphin and the shark. Similar designs, different species!

  2. Big place, Chengdu! Could be a Chengdu groovy modern artist via municipal art grant doing this if it’s not in an obvious commercial space like Seoul Grand Terminus Shopping Mall.

    Still not discounting Korean influence. If there are Seoul-Xiamen flights, there could definitely be Seoul-Chengdu flights!

    Hey, this could be a new area of art collection. 10 foot Asian public space mannikin/figurine appreciation society. I’m almost tempted to get it started on Fbk, “10 foot Asian public space figurine Group Fans.” !

    • Though, I’ve never checked, I’d say that there definitely would be Chengdu to Seoul flights. Who could pass up a visit to see a real panda? I give it this much, they are artsy, but how practical might it be to curate?

  3. A good point on art curating these sculptures to a modern gallery. The art shows 1965 London would have shown The Guards (as in Seoul) or a young husband in green jacket and striped trousers a la Carnaby Street, going off to work farewelled by his mod-dressed wife too (as in Chengdu).

    Must be something similar from Thai to Indian shopping malls/public transit open spaces!

    • I’m utterly sure that if art statues were to exist then they would have local touches embellished on them. For example, Thai colours.

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