Life, behind bars

life behind bars IMG_9103_zpsnotxtthy.jpg

Life behind bars

The theme of bars to keep people out or, maybe to keep in people continues in Guangzhou. This is a middle school and the clothing of choice for students of Guangzhou at least, is a track suit. A far cry from my own school days where a proper uniform was worn.

2 Responses

  1. Outstanding photographic effect of elongation through the bars and the daylight. If one hadn’t visited China, you would think all students there were 6 foot tall based on the drapery and uniforms here!

    • Well, I suppose. But given normal length and stature of the students, I surmise that some or all of them don’t tuck their shirt tails in.

      To account for the apparent length of the garments in the photo, the eye compares X1 with X2. If X2 is longer then the apparent length of X1 is adjusted accordingly! 🙂

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