Fourth wall violation

Fourth wall violation IMG_8974_zpslo15edno.jpg

3 Responses

  1. The shadow figure behind the door is more threatening than the henchman staring at the camera!

    • True enough. Who is more sinister? The person who is “violating” the fourth wall or the person in charge of the gang. Whomever is behind the shadow, is indeed doing a good job of it!

  2. With this black and white photography, check on the internet, aren’t there filters that can give historical photographic effects? Remember those old cricket books we had when they still used b/w photos? Go the effect of a Barry Richards batting at Cape Town circa 1970! Or Bevan Congdon at Dunedin circa 1972! Agfachrome or Kodakcolour for your Guangzhou photos 🙂
    Speaking of the silhouette…if only I’d had my camera with me, I was at the cricket club once and after the match, late afternoon, standing outside our glass door entrance I was completely silhouetted looking at myself. Have never seen the effect since. Must happen at precisely 5:30 pm in January or something. So…well done getting the shadow behind the door!

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