Odd-job men, in the waiting

Odd job men.jpg

It can be a hard task to wait, so in lieu of patience, sleepiness ensures. Similar to my previous post, Bookends, this also a snapshot of how people work. The men in question are actually odd-job men. Not unlike the Oddjob in Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger these guys, aren’t at all deadly but are for hire. Odd job in name only, they’ll take all comers since that’s the nature of their game. Seemingly unemployed their only recourse is this. Sort of like The Goodies, they’ll do anything, anywhere, any time.

5 Responses

  1. Not a bad method of employment (saw it in the Fuz). In the absence of a social welfare system. Always things to be fixed, cleaned, moved etc by non-credentialed tradesmen in China. Don’t see it so much in K-land and not in Aus/NZ, probably used to. If I had to employ one of them, give me a Tim Brooke-Taylor type, not an Oddjob!

    • A very random way of earning money, and their prices tend to be higher. I think SK goes in for specialists as opposed to generalist like the ones that you see here. As for The Goodies, it’d have to be Graham for me!

  2. Garden is the scientist, looking back. Richard Dawkins before he was invented. 🙂

    • Yes, but Dawkins is more controversial in his comments. Beside a former student of science I sort of identify with Graham’s character.

  3. […] a “man in” to do some repair work around the home usually means hiring someone from the […]

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