Soupy, and everything Fujianese

Soupy and everything Fujianese.jpgFrequent travelling means that I get to sample some of the more regional foods. Hunan food is typically spicy though in small amounts, it’s quite more-ish. Even then, it still amounts in a ‘mass exodus’ and interrupted sleep.

Not Sedrin but, it's well-known cousin. It was well received.jpg

Not Sedrin but, it’s well-known cousin. It was well received


But, it’s not Hunan spicy food I’m writing about but the dish is from Fuzhou, Fujian province. Made up of roasted pork, not barbecued but more of a spice closer to cinnamon or even all-spice. Mixed in with Julienne’s of potato, rice and a soup. This was the perfect meal for me and my colleagues who had travelled in from Guangzhou a dozen hours before. The soup, a close relative to Fuzhou’s famous li-zhi pork dish as it had the same flavours, all in some sort of meat based broth. Lovely stuff, in my opinion, it was the star of the show.


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  1. “A double jeroboam of Mai Tai and 6 crates of Sedrin, nah better make that 5.” 😉 This must be a more formal dining establishment to have Tsingtao. It’s not that it was unknown in The Fuz, just that The Sed always seemed to be the “this is what you get.” beer (at least in my haunts). Hence this place at which you dined, if in The Fuz or Fujian, seems to be quite up-market!

    • Up market? Jesus, no. This was one of the family run, hole-in-the-aall numbers. Six tables in all, dishes going for 10 kwai a shot. All in all, cheap and cheerfull.

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  2. Sir Harold Wilson, UK PM (1964-1970) (1974-1976) didn’t know the half of it when he said, “a week is a long time in politics.” (!). 5 or 6 years is a long time, for me, out of Chinese beer choices! Most surprised to hear of Tsingtao at this type of place (I know them).

    • Well, 6 years is a long time but, in your defense (!) I haven’t struck our Sedrin just yet. Worth a drink if only for the sake of memory.

  3. World’s most undercover beer! 600 million paid for it by the Belgians, tho. 🙂

  4. Certainly not in the hangover department! I had read your conersations over Yahoo with no apparent lack of slowness.

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