A Ginga and, fizzy

Ginga and fizzy.jpgA new (and admittedly sweet) discovery was Watson’s Ginger beer. I’d found it at the local Aeon supermarket. The Ginger beer was no Bundaberg beer, but still tasted of Ginger. Perhaps formulated to Asian tastes? Not as syrupy, but still tasting of Ginger. Ice cold it makes a nice change from the normal fizzy drinks around. And unique, since it was the only Ginger beer available.

On a cultural side note. The term Ginga is the less than complimentary name for someone endowed with a Ginger genetic disposition. (Red hair and freckles). It’s caused by a recessive gene that equals to about 1-2% of the population.

6 Responses

  1. Dtinks product spillover (if I could put it like that!) from Hong Kong? I can see they’d stock ginger beer in H.K. with all the tourists passing through. You’re right, though, never saw g.b. in Korea/The Fuz.

  2. ‘Drinks” I mean!

  3. I think Watson’s is a Hong Kong based chain and, yes, it has filtered over to Guangzhou. I have see but not drink the Canada dry ginger ale I’d seen in Korea. Part of a mixer for sure.

  4. Now I’ve got to get back to Korea and loiter around some hotel lobbies in Seoul to find this Canadian g.a. that you mention! Bundy’s the best, tho, as you say. Even I’ve been known to have it at HPPCC when I don’t feel like a beer…yet!

  5. I speculate that it’ll be similar to Schweppes Ginger Ale. A drink to mix with and not something to drink on it’s own. Hmm, as for heading back to Korea, I’d say that HK has more diversity in the drinks department.

  6. Seoul can’t match HK in the drinks department at the Hamilton or Bando (old hotels)? Probably they couldn’t on reflection!

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