Twisty, and it’s from Fuzhou

Twisty and from Fuzhou.jpgWhat a pleasant surprise when I found these at a chain bakery in Fuzhou. Certainly the shape was familiar*, but that was the only thing that was the same.  The snack was rock hard, and coated in a sugar glaze. Okay, so far, so good. The glaze however was infused with a

Li zhu pork.jpgslight ginger taste. Wow, Twisty, sugar glazed snacks with a ginger after-taste kick to them. I get the impression that this is what Fujianese cuisine is about.

Sweetness with a slight ginger after taste. I say this because earlier in the week I’d eaten Fujianese pork which they are famous for. It was not unlike sweet and sour pork from Hong Kong. Chunks and pieces of pork coated in some sort of batter and then served in a sweet and ginger sauce. It has my approval, but the twisty snacks I shared with my work mates met with mixed reviews.

*They also have this kind of snack in Guangzhou but without the sugar-ginger glaze.