Near miss, trashed

Near miss, trashed.jpgIt does make a really bad visual pun, but do think that the person depositing the said rubbish wasn’t trying hard enough. It is quite normal for a person to ‘dispose’ of their rubbish, a sales docket for example by simply letting it fall to the ground. The reasoning being that it’s someone’s job to pick up rubbish. Sure, in Asia there exists a job, but, I’ve seen this behaviour in Korea too. The exception in Northern Asia is Japan; all the times I’d been there the streets residential or commercial, were scrupulously clean. Go figure.

Without an explanation, it does sort of grate against your sensibilities. The slogan while I was growing up it was “be a tidy Kiwi” seemed to work well. There was also an abundance of rubbish bins too to aid the cause of tidiness, too.

The campaign has since been run again.

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