Newsagent, bookshop, pipes

Newsagent.jpgThese shops, seem to be everywhere. Just walking down the street to the main drag, I counted about 4 of them. Also there are also news-sellers on the side-walk selling their magazines from a smallish hut. There seems to be a set range of wares that they can, or, do, sell. Tobacco and cigarettes, magazines of course and cold drinks.

Smoking accessories.jpg

We have pipes. Pipes?

I’ve bought drinks from them before and often they’re not that cold. Still, any drink to a thirsty man. This aside, they fill a gap in the community which is, to keep people informed through the medium of print. Which with the use of smartphone technology, seems to obviate this link. Though I do see that it is also frequented by the older generation.

But, this particular shop reminds me of an old school tobacconist, magazines, newspapers and of course, pipes. Haven’t seen any pouches of tobacco to stuff the pipe with, maybe it’s behind the counter with the pipe cleaners.

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  1. Now that is different to The Fuz…more newspapers and existence of pipes! There were news stands with attached shop but more towards the CBD, not like in the photo. I knew the man who had the ‘baccy’ in The Fuz and he was in one of the main shopping centres. Suggests that the product is available in Guangzhou at a lower level if the pipe paraphernalia is evidence!

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