Parking space, bombs not included

Underground bombshelter.jpgUnderground carparks seemed to be common place, but what was surprising to this writer was the dual use of some of them. As written earlier, a shelter from the storm, or protection from something more man-made?

Air raid shelter.jpg


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  1. Douglas Macarthur and Curtis Lemay are the man-made fears, even in present-day Guangzhou! Has to be. Think Big (!) Mac’s response to Chinese Route Armies (one from Fujian!) crashing into his American forces in North Korea.

    Response from the World’s Best General (1944-50).

    a) Chiang Kai-Shek’s troops will now re-invade the mainland with US help (send those Incheon landing ships down to Taiwan). If a) doesn’t succeed in getting Mao Route Armies out of the Korean peninsular then…

    b) with CLM and his burgeoning Strategic Air Command nuclear bomb the northern Manchurian/China border geography to North Korea. No reinforcements for Route Armies. Nothing will get in or out. Mao troops still there in N.K. fighting? (b) hasn’t worked so now US goes full nuclear in 1951…

    c) 20 Chinese cities are to be atom bombed! Similar to CLM’s plan of attack from Tinian on Japan, only now with nuclear weapons, not incendiaries.

    Three options, b) and c) especially are lunatic. But Big Mac logical to the military mind.

    Hence logical response in terms of parking space/dual use to the Air National Guard flying from Guam!

    • That’s quite a construct the Americans had, and, a legacy that seems to last to this day in the form of bomb shelters.

    • A couple of days ago, I saw the same types of doors inside of a shopping mall. It’s not just parking basements…

  2. […] in a repeat reference, street barbers seem to be everywhere,while air-raid shelters, common and […]

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