The fall guy, falling?

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Without a doubt, almost every city in the world has one. Go to the top, and have a good look around. That’s just what I did, until that is, I looked down. It’s one of those melting moments when you can’t move, because something else has your attention. All in all, it was a nice afternoon out.

GZ tower.jpg

I can see for miles and miles…



2 Responses

  1. “The Canton Tower and the Taj Mahal are mine to see on clear days.”
    “You thought that I would need a crystal ball to see right through the haze.”
    Well if Ealing’s greatest rock band were writing the song now, WHO’s to say they wouldn’t update the lyrics. Transpose from Paris to Guangzhou!
    Re Glass Observation Look Down, you could fire a bazooka down into the plexiglass and it wouldn’t break. Bet it has other fail-safe industrial strength measures too. I’ve felt much more vertigo walking across the Fuzhou bridge with low barriers to The Min than these skyscraper, Trump G.O.L.Ds.!

  2. […] Lantern festival (the end of Lunar new year), Canton tower had put on a light show. I had played tourist and went up the tower. Scary, expensive, but worth […]

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