Strongly built, well, blow me down

Bomb shelter door.jpgI was just surprised at the fore-thought shown by the builders. The door looked sturdy, in fact bomb-shelter sturdy. After a certain amount of thought, they are shelters not to protect against the splinters of war, but more of the debris of a typhoon.

I know for a fact that Singapore, in all of it’s preparedness, also has storm shelters built into their subway system. Built for another reason, they come equipped with showers, beds and even airlocks.

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  1. Is that Ice Station Zebra? 1968 Hollywood’s highest grossing film. Patrick McGoohan and Rock Hudson are about step in thru the airlock 🙂

    Looking at Singapore’s civillian defence preparedness I can only surmise that the late Lee Kuan Yew was also a fan of I.S.Z! The Singapore cricket grounds may well have complete facilities underground.

    • I remember ISZ, though I’d never seen it. The doors are impressive, and also include an inner door too. However Singapore’s shelters at every subw at stop are indeed, impressive. A veritable preppers’ dream.

    • That movie has a David Jones as a list of the characters. I expect no personal bias, no?

  2. Nope! Mr McGoohan’s character’s alias/legend/cover name, “Mr Jones” in British Intelligence. As he tries to recover/steal from the Russians, a roll of…film (is this Jones guy the world’s biggest Kodak/Fuji/Minolta fan circa 1968?!). With the help of nuclear sub captain Rock Hudson, Jim Brown (number 2 best ever American Footballer) and…Ernest Borgnine!

    I suppose some urban myths around it. Howard Hughes, as a billionaire recluse, watching it continuosly on early videotape in his Las Vegas hotel penthouse. In Australia, Kerry Packer reputedly liked I.S.Z. too. Lee Kuan Yew’s civil defence airlocks based on Arctic station building models and late-60s US submarines, not impossible it was based on chatting with Kerry Packer, other billionaires, and the US Navy!

    Disconcerting to me in Fuzhou when addressed by teachers in the English department or other subjects, “Mr Jones..?”, “What, is Patrick McGoohan here…what’s going on.” 🙂

    So to completely reverse my initial answer to your question. I have to say, Yep!

    • Well, airtight doors are supposed to keep things out, such as the ‘outside’.

      In a more dramatic sense, Rock Hudson and Mr Jones did set off the doors and their purpose rather well!

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