Newspapers, not only if you’ve run out of bogroll

image I used to deliver newspapers when I was young. That paper was the Evening Post . Some here ago, with the increasing influence of the internet and  the increase flow of information, that newspaper had to amalgamate with it’s morning edition, The Dominion to become the Dominion Post. But having lived overseas in a non-English speaking environment for so long that the one thing I missed while being away was reading a newspaper. It’s the tactile experience of  it all. The smell of the news ink, the feel of the newsprint on your fingers and if it had been wet, the time you had to wait to let it dry by the heater after it had been brought in from the outside on a rainy day. Sometimes, I’d take care to peel  the pages apart least they tear. I’d read the newspaper more than once. The first ‘pass’ would be through the major headlines, and anything of interest. This usually meant also reading the back page and the cartoons.  Then back through the a paper to read anything I’d missed. In comparison, reading ‘the news’ online  is different. Mostly one medium of communication, the experience of reading the news has changed. Indeed, a friend of mine said that research had found that people remembered less when reading an electronic book over a real one. The reason was tactile and, the researchers had found that people remember events and facts and placed them with where they were in the book. There will always be a place for printed books but, I think that technology has moved ahead and that society has turned a page.

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  1. Just wonder how much ‘news’ people get online now c.f. ye olde dayes of newsprint?!

    I’ve always liked (for reasons which will become apparent) the definition of one of the old British press barons (Rothermere? Northcliffe?)…”90% of news is telling people that Lord Jones is dead to the 90% of people who didn’t know Lord Jones was alive!”

    In ye olde newspaper it was always the incidental, minor news paragraphs from the wire services that interested/informed…”Bulgarian PM ousted by Cabinet”. Which would no doubt be boring to fans like niece Lisi of the latest news of the Kardashian sisters on the internet!

    Even so…it’s what people want apparently. Or is it? News should be aimed at Lisi or, using the old definition of Rothermere/Northcliffe. Daily Mail (Northcliffe’s) uses the tried old definition and it’s doing much better than our own dirty digger Press Baron Rupert Murdoch’s attempts at online news.

    • Media content according to public demand? Well, I guess in the days that predate the common use of the interweb, then newspapers had their corner of the market. So, in accordance with market forces, the newspapers have also gone to the interweb. However, the common thread is that the editor-in-chief still has, I think, overall veto on what gets published.

  2. Survey the news stands in southern China. As in Korea (the Jangsu bus terminal indeed!)…interesting whether newspapers are holding up better than back in Aus/NZ.

    • I’d say there’d be a steady, older readership in Asia. (China or Korea). But with demographics, the younger generation are probably getting their information online.

  3. […] this particular shop reminds me of an old school tobacconist, magazines, newspapers and of course, pipes. Haven’t seen any pouches of tobacco to stuff the pipe with, maybe […]

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