Pianos, now cheese and bacon flavoured


Cited in an earlier blog post, the packaging has changed but, the flavour certainly has not. Cheesy with a hint of savoury saltiness which becomes more and more apparent as you munch on downwards through the bag. Bought at a local supermarket in New Zealand, for me they’re just a reminder of my youth. That and scoffing everything that’s bad for your teeth, stomach and possibly everything else carcinogenic that scientists have discovered. There surely must be some very fat, over fed lab rats and mice out there. Death from an overdose of Bluebird’s Rashuns? Only if a huge box of it falls on your head. Think of it like a piano falling on your head only that it tastes like cheese and bacon.

Edit: it was in fact burger rings and not Rashuns that were cited in an earlier post.

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  1. […] Maybe my experience had been spoilt by my taste of Cheetos. Other cheese snacks of note are Rashuns, Cheese balls and Burger rings. All of which keep dairy companies in the money all over the world […]

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