Rib-eyed and full stomached, for shame!

Pork rib.jpgFor me, there’s nothing more seductive than a good steak. This one was a rib-eye and it came with bone attached. Served on a board, it was caramelised nicely with grill marks on it. The place where we ate was a pub-brewery. I also tried one of their beers, ‘Empire ale.’ According to the waiter, he described it as being like Tui ale except it had less ‘bite’ to it. True to his word, a nice smelling beer was served, and sipped. The steak was everything it was supposed to be, juicy succulent it had patches of fat all through it. I know that it contributes to the flavour and tenderness of the cut, but I cut what fatty bits I could all the same. Strangely enough it came with a serving of macaroni cheese. Nice enough, but I would have preferred a mound of mashed potatoes. Onion rings, and spaghettified beetrot, it all went down well. The only caveat of the meal? I couldn’t finish it. For shame.

2 Responses

  1. Jase, you’re not making enough effort to attain the Mr Creosote Level of Excellence!

    “I’ll have the lot…with the eggs on top.”

    MAÎTRE D: But of course, avec les oeufs frites.

    “and don’t skimp on the pâté.”…

    “six bottles of Château Latour Forty-five and a double Jeroboam of champagne. ”

    MAÎTRE D: Bon, and the usual brown ales?

    “Yeah. No, wait a minute. I think I can only manage six crates today.”

    MAÎTRE D: [tut tut tut tut] I hope monsieur was not overdoing it last night.

    “Shut up!”

    • Hahaha! I would rather sup’ carefully, as I don’t really want to buy a new wardrobe. Or be broomed off the walls with a bucket and mop.

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