War! What is it good for but bad stereo-typing?

Commando comics.jpgSomething I’ve not seen on the bookshelves (in New Zealand) for a long time. According to the inside cover, they’re reprints.  When I was young, I bought them whenever any of them took my interest. All told I had quite a collection before moving on to other things. Commando comics wasn’t my preferred version of war Cartoon frame.jpgworld two, I instead chose Battle or War comics that Fleetway publishers offered. They were also cheaper, too. But in flipping through the comic books again, they represented a stereo-typical view of world war two, Germans and war in general. But, to be fair, they were written in a pre-politically correct world.

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  1. Cheers to China, hope this gets through…Martin Johnson (“He looks Neanderthal”; my Sydney tennis mixed doubles woman partner.) After England won the Rugby World Cup in 2003 in Sydney. Highly insulting, no more stereo(pheno)type than other rugby players like my nephew, Daniel Craig etc!

    Martin Johnson, big fan of Battle, Warrior, Commando, comics. Even cited them to go out and smash the Wallabies in the final in 2003.

    War comics share something with CCTV? Prime-time tv across all channels had at least one drama showing the PLA or KMT fighting the Japanese. I couldn’t tell who was who in one with the Chinese looking like the Wehrmacht (with German helmets supplied under Weimar before Hitler’s rapprochement with Japan). Then the next drama KMT would resemble American troops with jungle helmets like on Iwo Jima…

    Mao’s troops always wore their baggy grey caps in these tv dramas, like Australian Test Cricketers 🙂 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baggy_green

    Chairman Martin. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Johnson_(rugby_union)

    But does China Television still pack its schedules with these shows like they did when yours truly was in the Fuz?!

    • To answer the questions from the bottom up, yes CCTV does a fine job of producing period dramas such as the sort you describe. A perennial favourite of my mother-in-law, they’re on every night. Considering the alternative might be dramas in a contemporary setting (e.g. modern Shanghai set around the lives of young people) then it could’ve been worse!

      Your Mate, Martin Johnson, must be a fairly butch sort of guy. But, anyone who’se read commando/war/battle comics in his youth can’t be all bad. I have a feeling that Johnson might be living in another time though…

      Daniel Craig is your nephew? You are well connected.

  2. Johnson flunked when appointed England rugby coach despite undoubted ‘Battle’, ‘Commando’ leadership qualities on the field. Even rugby needs a more ‘Monty’ intellectual approach!

    Cricket, in its imponderables, technical and availability, perhaps only Curtis LeMay…I’d like to see a CCTV war drama give credit or even try to comprehend him!

    • Well, yes. Monty was the stereo typical General-in-theatre. And what’s more that good leadership on the rugby field? As for Curtis LeMay, he was methodical, and foresighted. The attributes that made him the father of Strategic Air Command. But, in all the times I’ve bothered to watch those period dramas they were fairly low on American characters, and, probably actors too. No, reviews, but in my estimation they’d be heavy in history and… dramatic action.

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