Brown book, lesson plans just fall out

Lessonplan book.jpgI’ve always kept a book for my lesson plans, in the thought that I if I ever had the chance to repeat the lesson, I could. There are some ESL teachers that can do without written notes, and some that need them. I, sadly are the ones that need notes. I’ve only ever repeated a lesson plan once. Or maybe twice. This was an old book, and there is another book that followed it. The brown book wasn’t used up, it was just getting a bit, plump. Too many photocopies of handouts. Now days my material is in electronic form, with many gigabytes of data used up in this effort.

When I put it out to stud with the other books and recycled it, it was a hefty and over-stuffed with handouts. The page corners were stained brown from water when my bag got wet. Valuable, and I cite it as a point in time when my teaching was at a certain stage. That is, without CELTA training but, trying to teach within a system that was definitely teacher centered.

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  1. My over-active visual imagination šŸ™‚ but image 4 rather resembles a torpedoed RN, RAN, RNZN corvette/sloop/destroyer in WW2 from aerial photography…or conversely its U-Boat/IJN attacker surfacing damaged after depth charge attack.

    Instead it’s the Master of the Rolls scrolls and records!

    • Over active indeed, sir! I think I could see it if I blurred my vision somewhat. Top marks for imagination. As for the Master of Rolls scrolls and records, I could only hope it were that significant.

      But, perhaps on a historical point, no RN units served in the pacific naval theater until late in the war. And if we were to turn the situation on it’s head, it might be a Japanese freighter that was torpedoed by an American submarine. Maybe, if you squint your eyes. A merry Christmas, mate!

  2. I did…with mince pies and steam pudding (highly suitable christmas fare for the Queensland late December climate!). Have a good 2015…saw a show on Dr Who’s early history which wasn’t bad, not sure if you’ve seen it.

    • Wow, that’s a retro version of Dr Who. I’ll look into it right after I get over fantasizing over meat pies.

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