Sub-title task, resulted in nothing sub-par

Cowboypics_zps7a2377d5.jpgI tried a communicative writing task last week, with some results. The students were given a strip of pictures and, they were asked “write the sub-titles” for the strip. I explained it as a movie that was missing it’s sub-titles. The results, were varied, if not entertaining. But, it did get them speaking, as a way of feeding back on their work, they read aloud their neighbours work. After a week of the same strip (though different classes) the results are consistent at both levels. The more able classes produced good output, with some of it often being funny. While the lower level classes and students produced… lesser works. Okay, I wasn’t expecting a Shakespeare sonnet, but given free writing practice, my students never failed to amuse.Snippets_zps234aa95e.jpg

3 Responses

  1. That is as good as any modern poetry from Larkin, Heaney, or whoever the Poet Laureate is as of current writing/literature…


    ‘we have to go now
    My pee is coming out
    Dad I’m hungry.’

    Almost Japanese haiku if not reaching the heights of Brendan Beahan!

    • I’m not convinced that any amount of alcohol would make their writing better but, for me, it would make the reading of it easier on the eyes. Maybe a Brendan Beahan in terms of readership!

  2. Beahan’s skill in haiku-style for the Guinness brewery, of course! Are there any modern poets worth reading?…Could do an Ern Malley with Korean schoolboy writings!

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