Our house, in the middle of our street

Asan apartments.jpgLife in a concrete box might be an alternative title. But, for now Madness will have to do.  Literally looking on people are living their lives away from work. A woman undressing, two people eating dinner, someone watching TV.  None of that can be seen in the night shot, where, with a tripod I was literally shooting in the dark. So much for one-liners. But I did spy a taped over window from a time last year when a big storm blew through. The advisory was to tape up your windows, a cyclonic Armageddon is neigh!  No such luck. No broken windows, no fallen trees, just a lot of leaves on the ground. Life goes on in the concrete box.

I couldn’t resist using the segment the Madness played on The Young ones, it’s a classic bit of Brit comedy.