Bid for world domination, ends in trip to the carpark

Rather funny looking and I’m sure tasting even funnier had we cooked it. This is what happens when you leave a supermarket bought cabbage in the fridge and let it have it’s way. It grows. It honestly looks like a triffid. When the day of the triffids first came out on TV sometime in the 80’s it’s was prime time viewing. In a post-apocalyptic world the Triffids, bred for their oil bearing potential promptly take over the world preying on blinded humans and striking terror in the heart of those not affected. My wife tells me that after having taken it’s photo, it promptly went into the organic waste of our apartment complex. So much for world domination.

2 Responses

  1. Think Hollywood made a movie of D.O.T.T. (blimey, just occurred that ‘The Day of the Jackal’ title may not be so original as I thought 🙂 before the BBC version (teachers at my school used to put D.O.T.T. on as end of year lesson filler!). Howard Keel was in the movie version, from memory, he used to be a musical star in the 50s and popped up on “Dallas” in the 80’s, another show we schoolboys used to watch.

    What they putting on that cabbage? Chinese watermelon explosive bullets?! Melamine? Something else? 😦

    • Considering it’s about 5 degrees in our fridge it’s hard to think that it grew so well! This cabbage didn’t come with any added chemicals, but as it turns out, it came with extra surprises!

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