Adventures in CI, atomic fission was the key

Think of the above as a S<>S interaction, with the neutrons, the TL

I had just finished my 4th grade classes, and I tried out my new interaction patterns on the class.

These were essentially changing a weakly dialogic class to something that was more student to student. Drawing on my knowledge of chemistry, I played the role of catalyst. Initiating the reaction but remained unchanged by it throughout. The task in this case was simply asking and answering a question, this going down the line of desks to the end. I had initially envisaged mad scientist style, one row of students asking the target language (how’s the weather?) with the row behind them giving them an open answer (It’s sunny) but it was hijacked by my KET, she made it by column, not row. It still worked either way. Not a bad start, but the experimentation continues. The students in pairs again, ask about the target language, as seen in the short film seen in class. Again, I initiated it, but had no part in the saying of the target language, all the input was from the video.

What was the yield? Most of the students spoke, a few did not. Those that didn’t felt it too embarrassing, but obviously their affective filter. Clearly something is needed to penetrate their ‘lead sheilding’. But the net effect was it was initiated by me, but the speaking was done on the whole, by the students. An experiment in sound if you will.

2 Responses

  1. She is the greatest Bush more than George and 45 (pardon if I’ve got POTUS number wrong!) 🙂
    Hugh Laurie as frightened scientist in the early scenes, cool stuff. British Army moving in, Kate B. as an angel. Love it.
    Umm…what was the lesson plan about? Catalysts or something? 🙂

    • It IS a young looking Hugh Laurie! I never realised that.

      As for the entry, I’m doing a TESOL course at Sook myung womens’ university. It’s the pre-course to their Masters course in TESOL. I’m citing the new Classroom interaction techniques I’m using to get the students to do more talking and so increase my TTT/ STT ratio. As for the science title and if you noted, terminology derived from Chemistry, I was just being analogous and having fun with it.

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