Cinder blocks don’t float, they need life vests

DSC_0139I have as much swimming ability as a cinder block and as about as much floatablity as one too. So when I said yes to a day at the Aquatic spa center in Asan city, I said so with some trepidation. Since the title of the center had absolutely no mention of ‘swimming’ in it at all. I think I was safe. This fact was made sure by the lifeguards, who, standing on the rim of the pool forbade anyone to swim past the 1.5 meter depth marker. If you did so, they told you this using an unpowered megaphone. No batteries and it works in the wet too. I even managed to swim a few laps from side to side in the pool. Initially free style and then back stroke.  I even did a few dog strokes. Swimming in a pool of 100 of my students was okay, at least until they got used to their environment. Then it was seeing if you can splash someone the hardest. Just thank goodness we were each issued a life vest. It made my job of staying afloat, well a non-issue. Sitting (with the aid of the life vest) low in the water, with my head just above the waves was calming and also vulnerable to students attentions.

DSC_0138 “Teacher, are you okay?” Upon confirmation, they would then proceed to splash me. Kids, what do they know? Since I was more or less lying on my back in the water, I just kicked my feet at them, causing a mountain of water to fall on them. Now who’s all wet?


2 Responses

  1. Never had any mass PE student “Learn to Swim” lesson in the Jeollas! Must lack the swimming pools required in Namwon, Jeonju et al.
    Swimming as a competitive sport is weird, u don’t hear of footballers, cricketers switching to swimming because a coach says, “You’d be better at swimming.” 🙂

    • This was just an outing to the local water based amusement park, swimming was optional, but as stated, I did have a swim, albeit in short bursts.

      Actually, water can used as a form of resistance training. A friend used to Karate, and they used to train in the surf. Not sure what directly it did but I guess defending against an incoming 6 foot wave must have meant something.


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