Laptop donor graft onto broken chair, results in Franken-chair

The one good thing about living in Korea is the things that people throw away. Outwardly the office chair that I’d spied and then repossessed from the garbage area was in perfect nick. It wasn’t until I sat down I found out it’s flaw. The amount of friction that the chair recline was way too much.  It wasn’t until the next day that I’d had a chance to examine it that I’d found the crack in the fibre-reenforced plastic. Someone had lent back much too often, literally ripping an incomplete rectangular tear in the backing. Looking at the design I concluded that the plastic was, too thin. Surprise, surprise. It needed strengthening with something. Looking around at the neatly stacked rubbish pile, all I saw was cardboard and plastic bottles. Something more staunch than what I could see was needed. In the end I used the back cover of a used laptop that a friend of mine had given me. The plastic cover from the Harddrive fit the bill. though, a bit on the thin side but I was hoping that it, combined with the preexisting plastic, it would hold.

Making a hole in the plastic was the easiest part of the fix-it-up project.  The Chromium-Vanadium alloy of my ‘X’ screw driver I use for opening up the backs of laptops was surprisingly robust. Next to enlarge the hole, for that I used the Phillips attachment on my Swiss army knife and then the metal file attachment to bring it up to the 8mm diameter. Shavings of plastic were now sprinkled over a small area. Mounting the former laptop part cum re-enforcing was easy. No glue required but simply the unscrewing and re-attaching of the tension knob. Yes!

A post script:  It works, but to a point. Maybe I need to graft on more parts of the laptop to aid the back support.

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