Whiteholes, parks and sunsets

IMG_5387 Waiwhetu stream
Waiwhetu stream

Taken in Te Whiti park, Waiwhetu, a Suburb of Lower Hutt. Without  a hill to stand on, and hills backing off on to me, the park presented the best solution to shooting the horizon. The effect of the high altitude clouds makes this sunset look futuristic, a sun set to supernova or a swirling white hole.

IMG_5437 The phoenix

2 Responses

  1. Wonder if it’s latitude gives that golden hue to the sunset? Saw a rare one in Sunchang like that. Qld sunsets more red tinge.

    • I imagine it’s a number of things. Latitude diffracts the suns rays so that only longer rays are seen. Dust in the atmosphere does the same thing.

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