Wet tech, a better bottom line?

CasemarineEDITNo longer is technology aimed at the übergeek, but a more widespread audience. Well maybe, advertising has always been about the bottom line. But on closer examination of the product, who needs a waterproof harddrive case smartphone case? That would also mean that the laptop you’re using it from is also waterproof. Panasonic does indeed sell a ruggedized laptop, but I hope that the strings on the bikini are taut enough when it comes the time to use the harddrive her smartphone.

2 Responses

  1. nice post. advertisement should always make the product the star. but im all for this exception
    amazing blog, keep it up


  2. I stand corrected. It is in fact a waterproof case for smartphones.In tech-obsessed Korea, only they could think of staying in touch; even in the swimming pool.

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