A toothy problem, the dentist was old-school?

Image from Dentalorg.com

Lack of dental care and time has forced me to a dentist’s chair. Again. This time the bill certainly was cheaper, but the dentist decided to replace my amalgam fillings with… silver amalgam. I know that all things silver is now trendy but, isn’t a retrograde move? I would have preferred plastic fillings, since they tend to last longer, be almost invisable and are chemically inert…

Ignorance is bliss, but this dentist had all the toys to play with. Including a thumb sized digital camera which gave me a vivid close up of the affected tooth.  Wow, I have to admit having a slight cringe factor at looking the tooth on the screen. A contoured white molar on the screen has it’s obvious errors to be repaired. Was that fissure supposed to be there? (The dentist told me it was a stain and it wasn’t a crack). The story isn’t over, I return to see him again on Tuesday, to have the silver fillings smoothed over. This never happens with plastic fillings, but according to online information, they do have their disadvantages.

More links on plastic, or composite fillings can be found here.

2 Responses

  1. With mercury fillings if they were so toxic, would have been banned, right? Bit like that scare a few years back when Chinese imported toys into America were found to have equivalent levels of lead to toys in the 1970s. Can’t speak for myself 😉 but children then should now, as adults, be clinically gaga, like the Ancient Romans drinking out of their lead goblets!

    • Mercury fillings do emit a very low level of mercury. Miniscule amounts. But since *only* level of toxicity would be bad they became unfashionable.

      It is possible to recover from heavy metal poisoning, as most heavy metals affect the organs such as the liver or kidneys.

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