Super-duper, done in 20 minutes

This has got to be the Rolls-Royce of rice cookers. Essentially a pressure cooker with a pocket calculator strapped to the front for ease of use. It goes with the bali-bali culture, as it can knock out a serving of rice in about 20 minutes. The ‘bowl’ is teflon coated and gasket sealed. It even talks to you; though thankfully it comes with a volume control.

Koreans certainly go all-out when it comes to the cooking of rice. In fact anything you can bung into the bowl, can be cooked. Tonight we even had sam-kye tang. Before this, we used to cook rice in a pot, on the gas range. Now its two taps on the buttons, 20 minutes and viola! Freshly steamed rice, ideal for the rice connoisseur in any Korean family.

4 Responses

  1. Question: Can a rice cooker do Italian rice dishes (risotto/polenta(?), Indian saffron rice, Cantonese fried rice, Cajun jumbalaya etc…ie anything other than simple Korean purple/white rice cooking?!

  2. Risotto and Cantonese are fried dishes. I’m not at all sure if a pressure cooker could do saffron rice justice, as it seems to be such a delicate dish.

    But anything you can bung into the bowl and have the lid close I’m sure it can cook, for better or for worse.

  3. I so want one of these. They look really cool. I heard Korea or Japanese rice cookers are really good to use.

    • I agree. These guys have it literally down to a state of high technology. Even the buttons in the loos are wired to do something other than flush.

      I was told by the Missus the other day, that it only takes ONE push of the button on the control face to cook the washed rice once it’s in the bowl. to use a rice cooker to cook just for *one* serving, to me is a bit of a waste.

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