Leaky watch, always on time


“Of course it stopped. It’s a stopwatch.”

Well not quite, but that was the first thing to stop working on my 4 year old Hong Kong bought, Titus timepiece. It did keep accurate time, now it only tells the time only twice a day. I think it may have sensed it’s own coming replacement and instead chose to commit sucide.


6 Responses

  1. And, in its suicide, it joins that long and distinguished line of timepieces which normally choose to die on my wrist two weeks after you’ve flogged them off onto me. I think we should preserve a minute of silence in their memory. Just let me set my – dammit, anyone got a watch that *works*?

    • Did it jump or was it pushed? It had had a fairly tough life.

      The watch that you could have been wearing is not the result of some back-alley deal, and I’ve always played it straight. I blame the hardware on this one. You’re not going to tell me that Swatch you bought off me has packed up as well?

  2. I was thinking it might have committed sucide by drowning. RIP.

    • The watch already had water vapour inside the casing to start with.

      I think it may have gotten ‘rusty’ or sucumb from some other water based mallody. Drowning on the inside 😛

  3. It was a cool bling watch! My Tissot has given up the ghost again, dammit.

    • Bling is supposed to be golden isn’t it? Sorry to hear about your Tissot, maybe a battery change?

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