Geek Mecca, old and dusty

Yongsan electronics market can safely claim the title as the center for geeks and tech-heads all over Korea. Encompassing several buildings in differing states of cleanliness, I tend to think the hub of the whole place is in the Seon-in plaza building. It’s older than the other buildings. Inside, it’s crowded and hot but, it has a pulse. It buzzes of activity and people. Appealing to the male dominated buyers are singers hawking goods of the the electronic variety.

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Now what does SNDS have anything to do with Intel chipsets? In fact on most laptops showing some sort of movie, you can see K-pop bands strutting their stuff. Oh, and they sing too. Seon-in plaza is not only where new tech can be bought but is also where old tech goes to die too. Corridors full of gutted computer cases while the innards await for harvesting for parts. Eventually when no-one wants it, it’s bagged up and sent else where for recycling.

Looking past all the gloss of  the adverts, Yongsan has it’s selection of bums. On a triangular piece of land (next to the railway tracks no less) is what could be called ‘bum city’. Fenced off, it has an assortment of trees and tapoline for tents.  Seen for a long time, a man sold only novelty silicone pigs. The odd thing is that the stuff that he’s selling is obviously crap. The last time I was up in Yongsan, he’d gone, obviously seeing the error in his marketing plan.

4 Responses

  1. Looks much the same as 4-5 years ago? Lot more leather goods ie computer carry bags than what I remember!

    • Stock does turn over. Technology comes and goes, but the buildings are still mostly unchanged. It is a ‘market’ after all.

  2. […] to help buy. I write ‘help buy’, because I was helping my workmate buy a laptop at Yongsan electronics market, acting in the role of fundi; advisor or expert. One of the fun things in this role is that you get […]

  3. […] Well, no reprieve for this piece of travel gear. In it I found two receipts for nothing else than a harddisk and a Transcend memory stick, a pen and one […]

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