Everything up for sale, just use your nose

Korea is definitely is where old and new cross. Even the bizarre. Bun daeng-e is a very traditional Korean snack that’s either loved or loathed by people. Possessing the smell of old socks, it’s aroma is best savoured or avoided in the heat of summer. My first encounter with it was at a bus terminal; the thought bubble was “what were they thinking?” As is the lingerie in the shop window. I agree with showing what’s up for sale, but isn’t a bit of discretion needed? The same with the snack food, but sadly, there’s no hiding the smell.

3 Responses

  1. If it was a choice between beondegi or lingerie, I’d be chowing down on the girdles every time. ‘Beondegi: ‘Cos Back Then, We Didn’t Have Options’.

    • Korean style underwear back then? I mean pre-burlesk days.

      God you’d be there all weekend just trying to choke down one leg of the old style underwear.

      • I was referring to the choice of beondegi as a snack ‘back then’, not lingerie. No idea how much of a meal the traditional lewd mood garb would have been – a mystery to be solved when I finally schlep on down to Jeju Love Land.

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