Ask ’em who he is, and they’ll tell you he’s a rocketman

Tell them that they’re brilliant, and they’ll do just that. My night class students at high school have succeeded in exceeding my expectations.  Continuing the very short thread of music and pop stars, I featured amongst two K-pop stars, Elton John. This time a biography, as part of a dictagloss exercise.

As part of setting context, I asked about the singers backgrounds. For the students, Elton John, will always be ‘Rocketman’, as I’d used the song in the previous lesson.

4 Responses

  1. Trying to explain Elton John…tell the kids he’s the Andre Kim of UK Pop Music 🙂

    • I don’t even know who Andre Kim is. He sounds like a rather posh hairstylist.

      They’ll know who Elton John is, just that ‘Rocketman’ is rather a short cut.

  2. Hairstylist…you’re in the ballpark, Jase! Poor old Andre passed on last year reading the Wiki entry on him.

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