From S.D to TJ.M

In 4 and half years. My move out to what I’m calling the “middle of no-where”. The new digs are quite literally between the two cities of Asan and Cheonan.

Sanbon Dong at the top, Tangjeong Myeon at the bottom

Located close to Sunmoon university, I learnt only the other day that the university had been set up by the Reverend Moon himself. According to my informant, every Head of schools office has a largese photo of Mr Moon and his wife on the wall. I thought it a bit grandiose and likened it to that of Soviet Russia with a picture of Lenin adorning every wall.

Cripes, I had some religious nutters hammer on the door the other day. Twice, and rather firmly too. I had be careful because they might be from the Mooney squad.

The upside to all of this is that my new digs are much larger than the previous ones, a whole 14 pyeong in Korean measures. The new apartment likens to an aircraft hangar in relative size to the old walk-in-closet sized apartment.

2 Responses

  1. As far as I know, the Moonies don’t go door to door like the others. You were probably being accosted by your common or garden Christian recruiters. Tell ’em that knocking on your door summons Beelzebub and that they should piss off sharpish before he materialises next to the stairwell.

    • One of my favourite tactics was to speak in English, and if they had some English speaking lackey, then I’d question their reason why and that they’re wasting their talents with them. Shame them into not returning.

      Nowdays I just cringe and ignore them. Strangers knocking on the door like they want in give the shits.

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