DMZ, too cute for war


A recent visit to the DMZ, or Demilitarized Zone in the North of Kyeong-gi province in Korea was rather educational. At the peace bridge, you really can see the sentiment of what people think. For one couple, Korean, it was almost a spiritual pilgrimage to the place to remember. What I’m not sure, but they left sullen and tearful. This place really meant something to them.

Imingjan village, stands big, cartoon letters, DMZ. The thought that if it were not for the Korean war, 60 years ago, those letters and other buildings would not exist. Well, thank god for that. From my perspective, to lessen the seriousness of the war and the place that part of it happened is to trivialise the entire war, the effort of the people that fought in it and… the people that died it in. Why can’t they be serious about these sorts of things?