Welsh rarebit, smoking

The cloud was just frustrating, and I eventually gave up. Viewed on the ‘big screen’, I realised that the cloud added some atmosphere to the whole composition. In the naïve expectation that if I came out later, the clouds would have receded and the moon would still be the same colour. However, I did turn out some nice full moon shots.

Recipe for Welsh rarebit.


3 Responses

  1. I like Welsh rarebit!
    Probably the electricity and smoke generation in SK spoiling the eclipse. Moon was classicly covered here on the Gold Coast with clearer skies and less electriciy.

  2. “Welsh rarebit is nothing more than cheese on toast I’ve learnt.

    It’s was cloudy weather that spoiled proceedings. But strangely enough, the atmosphere can sometimes be just as smoggy out in the countryside as it is the the city. More people use wood for heating than more contemporary gas heating. I just wondering how many people actually do have a traditional ondol out here?!

  3. […] taken shots of the moon before, and even ‘red‘ moons. This time out, I didn’t even take my ‘super zoom‘ lens. Instead I […]

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