Pizza chessy, or just plain corny?

Chicken barbecue pizza is my favourite from the local pizza parlour. I just realised that the outer crust is stuffed with none other than… cheese. I hate a cheesy crust for none other than there’s already enough cheese on the pizza. Think of it as food based adhesive that keeps the ingredients on the pizza and not flung all of the pizza box during delivery. The other factor of pizza topping outside of the Western hemisphere is corn. Popular in Asian countries and even in places like Saudi Arabia. Technically it’s domesticated corn, since the corn we eat today was cultivated from maize.

In the case of this pizza parlour, you get a dessert made up of corn and pineapple with mayonnaise. Given the alternative choice is sliced pickles in vinegar, the choice is obvious for me.

3 Responses

  1. Authentic Pizza?! Only the Italians would say that anything outside Italy is not a genuine pizza :-0
    Lunch near the cricket ground at SKKU..that was a Good Pizza.

    • Italian pizza is nothing more than flat bread with basil and herbs over olive oil on it. Had one of those in Italy going to Venezia. Too oily.

      Blame the Americans for the domesticated pizza with cheese on it.

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