Flash new camera, shooting for the stars

Possibly Jupiter and it's moons

The difference between my new camera, and my older camera is almost light years.

Coupled with my also newly acquired super-snooper lens, it produces clear, bright and colourful pictures. Good for when I’m taking photos for the cricket team. I’ve always considered getting the photo right then and there in-situ. It saves me a lot of time, because all of the photos have come out. No need for editing. Less angst when there’s 100 or more photos to doctor.

With a better sensor, I can set the camera on semi-automatic mode and literally fire away.

It makes an unbettable combination.

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10 Responses

  1. love the picture of the street

    • Thanks for that. The street is not quite main street, but runs perpenticular to it.

      Taken from up the hill, near the local High school, on this street there is the: bus terminal, the local Lotteria, many clinics and off in the distance, the motorway running north to south.

  2. Didn’t know Jupiter and its moons were closest to Earth this Moon Festival for something like the next 20 years! Good shot.

  3. It remains to be left to sheer speculation and wishfull thinking.

    According to the Stellarium programme it *might* be.

    My supposition is that if Galileo can use a telescope and see Jupiter and it’s four (Galilean) moons, then I can with my 200mm lens, at least see the same. All that is left to disprove is that if the camera was pointed at the right piece of sky at the time.

  4. Hey yeah, it’s what is call again…Chusock? in Korea aye.

  5. I give it a Pass mark…a Nessie/Jinmen/Matsu shot!

    • It’s a very fanciful and perhaps romantic photograph of what I’d *like* to see, and it also looks the part too, so why not? 🙂

  6. It’s definitely a shot of Ness…I mean Jupiter. Note the brightness of the star, commented upon at this current Moon Festival/Chuseok. The 2 flipp..I mean Moons (bright protuberances) also are shown.That there are not 4 as written about nevertheless gives weight to the accuracy of the photo. 🙂

  7. I count 3 ‘flipps’. But whatever it is (possibly Jupiter) it certainly is enigmatic.

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