Flying solo between the lazy and uninterested

1st graders, right after lunch

3rd grade high schools are probably the worst of the lot. Whenever students ascend to the last grade of any school they always have the feeling that education is now unnecessary. You get the same effect from sixth grade elementary schoolers too. But these guys at my high school are just lazy, unmotivated, and refused to be motivated to study at any means.

It’s probably what got them to what technically is a ‘technical high school’. Pardon the pun. Teaching the third grade class I had all of two students that were engaged in the task. All the rest just could not be fucked to do anything but indulge themselves in their own conversations, preen their hair and basically do nothing. From my perspective they’ve got an uncertain future with prospects of little money or jobs. Even if you’re a girl in Korea you still need money to get married, right? And even before they meet some unfortunate sap, they need money to dress themselves up to the nines and tens. Even looking at some of even the disinterested students I see some sort of spark, some internal drive that sets them apart, but most them I don’t see anything. The lights are on, but no-ones home. Not smart enough to draw the threads of causality together, education equals money and a future.

I should have been riled up, but knowing that if I got ticked off, it means nothing to them. Well okay, the lesson means nothing to them, just the same way that they mean nothing to me. Here to do a job, get in, get out with my karma intact.

4 Responses

  1. God, you haven’t been talking about P-47 Thunderbolts again, have you? 😛

  2. I wish I *were* flying a plane of some description, but enough of the land of dreams.

    Taken in the first half of the year, and this was *before* class had actually started!

  3. When did kids start wearing cricket sweaters to class?!

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