Faces and vertices, is this English?


Run, Lola, run was in fact the film. The quote that they borrowed was from a the famous German football coach, Sepp Herberger. For more on his coaching career, you can click here. My current state of affairs, is that the English camp is going well, with the current lesson planning being easier than falling off a log, or in my case, making a powerpoint.

What they (the teacher that made up the material) had (illegally) done was photocopy all of the exercises from a book bought in the UK. The only problem is that the preparatory pages that weren’t photocopied were also important. Fortunately the material is easy enough to follow without much explanation.

However in teaching mathematics (yes, everyone had to do it), was in the abstract. Lots of stuff I didn’t know about, but once again was able to comprehend easily enough. Even the students were able to manage since they’d had been taught it before, in Korean.

For example, how many vertices and faces does a sphere have? A cylinder? The cubes and rectangular prisms were easily sorted, but spheres and cyclinders, were challenging. Anyone got an answer?

Full credit to: onlineacademics.org/math/

8 Responses

  1. I am very poor in all this.

  2. Me too, but the theory was easy enough to learn. You write like a bot.

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    • Yes it does, but his website is about as useful as a pack of expired condoms.

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        Or at least I will want it just as soon as I figure out what the hell it means. Then again, old Big Jobs is ‘very poor in all this’ thing we call communication.

      • I hate to tell you this, but the trace is to Australia.

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    • “pleading for mercy while I feed your email address to every Viagra merchant in my junk box”

      Just do it anyway. Spam the spammers. Electronically spam the fuck out of their email addy back to the figuritive stone age and then spam some more. Spammers have become a joke; they pedal things that you would never want, and scams that any intelligent person would never fall for.

      Spammers who set up blogs to pedal their phoney nirvanas should be especially targetted.

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