Personal care products, oddly matched

There are a lot of things I get to do in Korea, that I don’t get to do in New Zealand. One of those is to stay in a lot of motels. Motels are pretty cheap in Korea; one night in a motel would be I figure about 60 or 70 New Zealand dollars. To mirror what a fellow blogger has written about motel rooms, I intend not to follow, but to feature in this entry, the strangely mis-matched.
The room had the usual assortment of features that one would expect of a KOREAN motel/ hotel room, but the line up of personal care products leaves, well, explanation. It’s a strange match of products and purpose. Hairspray and facial balm might be one thing, but fly spray, maybe for the armpits if they’re smelling particularly wiffy at the time, is another.

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