Moe overload, I’ve got a Goodshirt

Moe is a Japanese term for the feeling of overwhelming cute and fluffiness for a person or object which has these properties. Tokyo girls style is another young and invaritably, cute girls pop group. It sounds like so many other bands in Japan, and Korea. At least they did it with less band members than Girls Generation (SNSD) along with a host of other bands. Cashing in on cute is big money in this part of Asia. 25 years old, is, too old as most of the singers on the Jpop/ Kpop music scene are less than 20 years or younger. I can think of a few legalities in being too young. Wouldn’t they come under minimum wage and get paid miniscule amount of money an hour? Can they even enter into a legal contract since they are so young?

Commenting on the video, it was a parade of cute girls on one set only, extolling their love for someone. Boring. Not that love itself is boring, I cite that the way it was put was boring. I remember when music videos actually did something and told a story; was something creative. I am I getting too old?