Enter the ping-pong ball, exit covered in four different types of sweat

Ben and I had decided on going for a walk to Seon yu do park, a former sewerage works located on an island next to the Southern bank of the Han. Reformed into some sort of botanical garden, it had the outward appearance that someone had been too lazy to remove the existing sewerage works settling ponds and pipes and instead, tried to cover it up. What made it personally interesting for me was the graffiti written on some of the steelworks.

The weather that day had decided not to rain, but instead had gone on to be incredibly humid. Things started heating up, and pretty soon I was covered in a combination of sweat and sunscreen. Ben more so. Beads of sweat were cascading down his face. He’d looked like he’d just come out of the shower. The result was that his clothes soaked, while I didn’t have the same problem, my underwear was driving itself in a northern direction and generally made a nuisance of itself.

I almost always pack a camera when I go walking; but today I just found that the vistas today, were less than inspiring. This was probably in part because of the fog that was veiling most of Seoul in a brilliant white haze. It was like being on the inside of a large ping-pong ball. This neatly obscured the longer lines of sight; maybe this was a labour-saving phenomenon. The less photos I took, the less I’d have to process later on. Ben and I, had walked most of the Han river, and a good portion of the bits inland of it. I had quite literally taken the photos in the past.