Commentator says the coupe de grâce; Argentina gets the boot in

Photo: Associated Press

This game is done and dusted was a commentary heard circa the 78th minute. An unintentionally sarcastic commentary I’ve heard so far, in all of three games I’ve seen. The commentator was clearly of British heritage. C’mon, it might have been 4-1, but lets finish the game first before dissing the loosing team.

From a layman’s perspective (which mine was), I could tell that Korea’s defenders weren’t up to it. The Argentine attackers made a textbook cross, with Higuain, in the right place in the right time, for the third goal and an even simplier fourth goal. Well done Higuain. I doubt you’ll have to buy your own drinks for the remainder of the World cup.

Korea, and Koreans, are often so proud over the smallest things.  Korean astronauts in space, the thinnest LCD screen, stem cell cloning. During the game, I could hear the neighbours cheering for the Korean team. What made it impressive was, that the neighbours were in the house across the way. By the time the 3rd goal was scored by Higuain, they were absolutely quiet. Not a peep.