Not the womens league; these are the Korean special forces!

All dressed in red tees and white trousers, they then proceeded to move out to the road, in almost military precision.

This was shit-your-pants-scary stuff. Combining Winnie Medala’s infamous football squad and Britain’s Special patrol group with the uniformed terror of Iraq’s former Republican guard. All rolled into a red shirt and white pant package.

Though not conspicuous, I tried not to attract their attention.

4 Responses

  1. Give them a break! Less fearsome than the SPG, or the Mandela United Football Club (poor old Nelson with this recent news of his great grandaughter killed in a car accident as the World Cup starts).
    But the red pom-pom go-go boot women soldiers 🙂 Is Korea copying China?

    • I no way that Korea could even *equal* the pom-pomed women soldiers. But I still think that the reputation is still well deserved, even as a para military squad.

      Post-script to the entry, the ‘Korean special force’ participated in a parade last night impling, that they’re in some sort of organisation.

  2. Hmn. From what you’re saying, it’s not only turn up the speakers up north but a SK SAS?

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