Felt up, comes with doodle pad

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I finally got to ‘test drive’ the new digital signage in the Seoul metro stations. It does indeed have a map of Seoul in it, replet with overlays of the train tracks. Also included in what you might call a kiosk, is a telephone. Useable with your transport card. It even has an mini touch screen scratch pad so that you can take down notes, or just doodle. I saw a passing woman use this feature for just this activity as she spoke on her handphone.

Nothing spared here. I wonder what computer support it uses? Overall, impressive.

5 Responses

  1. Is this some Apple ap? The recent UK elections had a presenter trying to show geographic swings by zooming in on a tablet.

  2. No, this is in fact the new digital signage boards that are in place in Seoul metro subway stations.

  3. Pretty cool! It looks like the sort of thing you would see in a control room at the police headquarters. Maybe there would be a GPS coming near u. e.g ‘Rent a GPS’, if you don’t return it someone would be after you.

    • Or alternately, the handpiece is armed with an explosive charge. Return it on time or this charge will be set off.

      There’s a company in Seoul that rrents out photographic equipment. I wonder how much bond money you have to lay down?

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