New lesson, old school

Technology changes so fast these days. The textbook I was using, was written in 1996, when the video cassette recorder was KING.

Some of my students mused over three letters, V.C.R. I had to tell then what it was. Evidently none of them had one. Not that they are too expensive, they’re just old hat.

Written by the almost ubiquitous Molinsky and Bliss writing pair, quite literally dozens of ESL books.

3 Responses

  1. I remembered when we had one, I think we still have one in the garage but it doesn’t work anymore. Probably now what to do with the videos?

  2. oops hadn’t finished my comment, i mean problem. anyone my brother decided to go through some of them a while back and found that some of the videos got mold on them (white fluffy stuff).

    • I got rid of all of my analogue media when I left NZ. The tapes ended up on the curbside, while the video cassettes ended up in the wheelie bin at my flat. Most of the stuff I threw out has since been replaced by Youtubes vids or even DVD’s.

      The tapes I left on the curbside were gone in minutes. It wasn’t exactly south Auckland, but in fact Panmure.

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