Vote for the least desirable, on again

The one time I voted in New Zealand, was about 15 years ago. I’m not anti-establisment, but I just can’t see anyone worth voting for.

This year in Eumseong, they’re having local body elections, again. For some reason, (perhaps anti-corruption?) it’s annual, as in every year.

No groupies this time, or should I say, not yet. But they are handing out name cards. The cards themselves have a mini résumé on the back of the candidate. The cards, are there to sell, no doubt about that.

6 Responses

  1. There’s good info here. I did a search on Google, Keep up the good work mate!

  2. Those dudes are cool! Vote for Mayor John Terris!
    No compulsory voting in NZ unlike Aus?…’Enrolment and voting are compulusory’ (just received a notice signed, Derek O’Beirne, Australian Electoral Comission), ‘Your name has been removed from the electoral roll as I do not believe you live at your enrolled address.’
    Correct. Should send a letter back, ‘I do not believe you enroll any Australians with addresses overseas.’

  3. You can post a vote by absentia but, you would have to go to an Australian embassy.

    More trouble than it’s worth?

    Pardon the ironic phrase but, you *have* to vote? What ever happened to democracy?! 😉

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  5. Touche! The Feds like to send letters, keeps their budget up.
    To post a vote from Fuzhou I would have to travel 1000kms, by air, north or south, Shanghai/Guangzhou, to a Consulate. Aus voting Seoul in 2004 was a possibility, at least! I just don’t like receiving an officious letter.

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