Ran the rats maze, ended in a gay-pride parade

I had in tow, my newly acquired snooper lens. My walking companion hefted it, trying to ascertain a weighting without the camera body attached.

I would say, looking at the pictures later on my laptop it was a good investment. It yielded pictures that were nicely saturated, and in focus.

The rats maze was Olympic park, up by Jamsil by the Han river. Old stomping grounds for Ben and I. We’d strode this ground before, and had return by cause of a dice roll. The park is laid out in such a way that there are no direct exits. And we, the rats, were invariably lend in the wrong direction.

Walking by the olympic flame one particular group of children looked at the flame. Kids being kids, one of them tried to put it out by spitting on it. They were all class, as I’d expected Korean children to be. The glass shield wasn’t just to guard against the wind afterall.

The walk ended on a rather sour note. Tired and sore, Ben and I were so sweaty, that our clothing was adhering to our bodies in unnatural ways.

We are proud

We’d only just settled for a minute in the train carriage, when along came some cyclists. It was a procession of 5 or 6 cyclists, replet with their cycles. They also had, all of their kit on, sunglasses and helmets included. The bright colours on their cycling costumes lent to an impression that it was a gay pride parade.  They were rude and presumptious. We were in their spot. We moved on, with not much to say but thinking a whole lot more. Opinions of Korean cyclists dropped to an all new low that day.

2 Responses

  1. You wouldn’t credit this but I chatted over a beer with 2 Guangdong company reps visiting The Fuz in one of my local cafs recently. Product…flagpoles!
    Company brochure they gave me, Yaolong Flagpole, subsidiary of Yaolong Metal Co., LTD.
    Those flags flapping in the breeze. It’s secret Chinese industrial technology!

  2. That is pretty specialised, but something you never think about. With an area like Asia, and what with ANZAC day happening every year, it’s a regular boom trade!

    I wonder if they made a sale to Kim, joeng-il and build him his flagpole out by the DMZ?

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