Kamikaze eaters, stuck to our seats

This was ‘tang su yuk’, a Korean interpretation of sweet and sour deep fried pork. The food served in the school cafeteria was adequet. I always ask the students what they thought of lunch, and the reply is always ‘terrible!’ Or cries of ‘not delicious!’ Mother’s cooking is always better. The quality of meal today wasn’t bad at all. I say this because, I was able to eat all of the dishes. Even the soup, twen jang kuk, or fermented bean soup wasn’t bad. Just a dash of pepper powder to make it tangy, and not spicy.

The sauce for the fried pork, though sweetened, was not at all sour. The consistency was too thick. Someone must have added too much cornflour when making it up. It was like warmed up wallpaper paste. Or warm snot.